The Renewable Energy Poll

With the clean energy transition underway, renewable energy developers and advocacy organizations need to understand the dynamics at play in the communities where these projects will be sited and built.

Embold Research is an established leader in public opinion and the clean energy transition.

Our clients include a wide range of advocacy groups/NGOs and renewable energy developers. We have polled nationally and at the state, county, and municipal levels and have a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities for effective communication on clean energy development.


Polling at a fraction of the price

Spark is Embold Research’s product line of standardized polls that can be deployed quickly at the same level of quality you’ve come to expect from our team—at an even more affordable price.

RE-Spark Polls from Embold Research allow renewable energy advocacy organizations, developers, and others involved with community engagement  to understand issues of local concern and public sentiment toward renewable energy projects in particular geographies.

Each RE-Spark Poll asks the same set of questions combined with details specific to the project at hand,  thus giving you quick, cost-effective answers specific to the most actionable questions, specific to the area you care about. 

Survey Template

Each RE-Spark poll follows the following template:

  • Standard demographic questions required for ensuring a representative sample of respondents, including party ID, land ownership, and length of time living in the community. 
  • Questions about residents’ feelings on their community and their top issues
  • Personal concern about climate change
  • Support for wind and/or solar development
  • Two open-ended questions about the perceived benefits from and concerns around renewable energy, to gain a deeper qualitative look

You will receive a set of crosstabs, a toplines memo, and a short memo outlining the key findings, including analysis of responses to the open-ended question.

Additional services such as a strategy memo, pollster readout, or a public-facing memo are available for an additional cost.

Prices for RE-Spark polls start at $7,500

To learn more about pricing for your scenario, please request a quote.  Bulk discounts available.

RE-Spark Advantages


Our streamlined approach puts affordable data in your hands quickly, ensuring you start off on a strategic footing. Conduct dozens of polls simultaneously across different markets, and re-deploy Spark polls regularly to keep a pulse on changes in sentiment and detect emerging concerns. 

Designed by experts

We take the guesswork out of what to ask and how to ask it. The structure of each questionnaire is pre-set; you provide the answer categories and nuance that makes these polls actionable.

Accurate among small populations

All of this is fueled by our proprietary Dynamic Online Sampling methodology, which allows for accurate results no matter where in the country we’re polling, including small and rural districts.  Low cost doesn’t mean sacrificing scientific rigor. 

You’re in good company

Our clients include renewable energy companies, developers, environmental nonprofits, state and local governments, and more. Come join us.

Renewable Energy Product Suite

Spark Polls: Unbeatable prices

Spark is a new product offering of standardized polls that can be deployed quickly at the same level of quality you’ve come to expect from our team—at an even more affordable price.

Spark for Renewable Energy Polls from Embold Research allow for a quick snapshot understanding of support or opposition to solar and wind development in particular communities.

Each ReSpark Poll asks the same set of questions combined with customized details about the specific area in question, thus giving you answers specific to the community being polled.

Magnify: Targeted Communication

Magnify AI Targeting takes the guesswork out of identifying your target audience. Use Magnify to identify and target supporters, opponents, and persuadable voters.

Target ads, mail, and door-to-door outreach based on which voters will find specific messaging most convincing

Identify and model prospective activists

Magnify AI Targeting is a groundbreaking and innovative new technology. Enabled by AI and drawing on our database of more than 250,000,000 survey data points, it uniquely allows you to translate your already-affordable Embold Research poll into accurate custom models and targeting scores with as few as 500 respondents.

Magnify AI Targeting allows you to find the exact right individuals that you need to reach—allowing you to maximize your resources and find the supporters you need.

Voices: Unpack the Why

For too long, qualitative research has meant high costs, slow turnaround, and groupthink. But now, Embold Research is bringing qualitative research into the 21st century, with Voices.

Voices reaches people with tools they use every day, SMS and video calls, to enable thoughtful dialogues that elicit deep insights.

Voices enables in-depth, 1-on-1 time with every individual, allowing us to tailor questions, build trust, and explore every participant’s thoughts and feelings, even on sensitive topics.


Embold Research is the nonpartisan unit of Change Research. Our methodology and polling have been featured in: