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Embold Research is a team of data scientists and communications professionals with deep experience helping leaders translate data into actionable insights.

Embold Research is the nonpartisan, non-political unit of Change Research.

Nicole Bare, President and CEO

Nicole leads the Embold Research team, bringing a background in strategic communications for government, business, and nonprofits. Her track record includes driving record-breaking sales for a financial services organization, leading successful marketing campaigns for a global high-tech firm, and generating millions in publicity value for an online charitable event. She has worked closely with pollsters, creative teams, digital marketers, lobbyists, and PR pros to translate survey data into winning strategies.

Mike Greenfield, Founder, Chair

Mike was the first data scientist at both LinkedIn and Paypal, and developed much of PayPal’s early fraud detection machine learning technology. Mike started running his own opinion polls online to try to understand why polls were so inaccurate during the 2016 presidential election. He pioneered the innovative polling approach that became 2020’s most accurate research methodology. Mike founded our company with the goal of bringing together like-minded leaders from the world of startups, data science, politics, and social change in order to re-imagine both the techniques and the uses of public opinion polling. 

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Robin Pressman, Head of Embold Research

Robin brings expertise in advocacy with a keen understanding of polling and data driven programs to Embold Research. Serving clients at Pressman Consulting, she provided a wide range of data driven strategies and project management. Prior to starting her firm, she served as Senior Associate at GQR, providing message development, targeting and polling expertise to numerous candidates and non-profit clients. She also served as Field Director for the National Environmental Trust and worked with organizations such as Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and NARAL Pro-Choice America. Robin has worked on and managed electoral campaigns in New Jersey, Maryland, and Oregon. After more than two decades in DC, Robin, her husband and son relocated to Alameda, California. They love living on this small island in San Francisco Bay.


Julia Slisz, Analyst

Julia is a data scientist with training in cognitive and political science. Her prior experience includes technology policy research for the Brookings Institution and solutions engineering for Epic Systems. She completed the Johns Hopkins Aitchison Public Service Fellowship in Government, where she studied qualitative and quantitative approaches to public policy analysis. Her diverse background also includes research and writing on a wide variety of topics including cognitive neuroscience and international research ethics.

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Monique Mcleary, Analyst

Monique joined Embold with 10 years of experience in quantitative and qualitative research in a variety of fields including genetics, education, health communications, and public health. She has experience with research design, data collection, reporting, and dissemination. As a doctoral candidate, her research focuses on youth socialization via social networking sites and the resulting impacts on mental health and emotional development into young adulthood. Beyond exploring data to answer interesting research questions, her creative pursuits include formulating skin and hair care products, painting, writing, photography, and music.

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Kyla Ronellenfitsch, Senior Analyst

Kyla brings eight years of qualitative and quantitative research experience to the Embold team. She has designed action-oriented studies for a wide range of clients, including government, unions, pension funds and green energy. A committed life-long learner, she recently completed her Masters of Science in Analytics from the University of Chicago, and also holds Bachelors and Masters degrees from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.



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Oliver Judd, Director of Business Development

Oliver’s background is in working with and growing the national profile of municipal elected officials. His relationships within local governments and with national corporations, trade associations, progressive organizations, political infrastructure, and the Labor movement provide a unique perspective into client needs and strategies for success.

Bradley Holland, Analyst

Bradley joined the polling team at Embold Research in 2022. Prior to Embold, he held faculty positions at Ohio State University and the University of Hawaii, where his research focused on criminal justice, violence, and collective action. He received a Ph.D. in political science from Harvard University and a BA from the University of Wisconsin.

Kris Balderston, National Director

Kris has been in public service at the federal and state level for over three decades, serving governors and in senior positions in the US Senate, State Department, and the White House. He also worked in the private sector as the President of Global Public Affairs for Fleishman Hillard and created Balderston Strategic Partnerships to provide counsel to universities, corporations, and nonprofits.

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Mark Riddle, Senior Advisor

Mark Riddle is the President of Future Majority, a leading strategy and creative center, and is Partner of Murphy Riddle Strategic Advisors. From 2011-2019, Mark was the President of the New Leaders Council, one of the nation’s premier progressive leadership training organizations for next generation political and business entrepreneurs. Under his leadership, NLC has expanded to 50 chapters with nearly 9,000 alumni. Mark advises clients that range from CEOs, top law firms, and high net worth individuals to Members of Congress, Governors, Attorneys General, State Party organizations, and dozens of state and local elected officials. He served as a lead advisor during the BP Oil spill, working on behalf of the people affected by the disaster. From 2004 to 2010, Mark was a partner in a major media firm based in Nashville.

Embold Research is the nonpartisan unit of Change Research. Our methodology and polling have been featured in: