Products & Services

We offer custom research services alongside a suite of products and technologies that make it possible to access more data, more often.


Accurate, affordable custom surveys

Survey a representative sample of people more affordably than other scientifically valid surveys.

Custom Modeling

Leveraging modeled data can be a more affordable way to compare and contrast opinions across multiple places.

Zoom focus groups

Get deep, qualitative insights, including from people who might not attend an in-person focus group or community outreach session.

More data, more often

Keep a pulse on key issues with near-real-time data, uncover blind spots, and detect changes in sentiment as they are happening.

Products & Tech

Trust dashboard

Our national surveys and predictive models paint a picture of trust at the national and local level. Pair these benchmarks with custom research on your community to understand how trust may impact your ability to get things done.

Ongoing data collection

Keep a pulse on key issues, uncover blind spots, and detect changes in sentiment as they are happening.

Qualitative data at scale

Open-ended questions allow our analysts to surface underlying anxieties or emerging concerns.

Creative testing

Surveys can feature videos, ads, radio spots, and images, giving you an opportunity to examine how well control and experimental groups respond to (and remember) communications.


Employ machine learning to reveal correlations between different opinions. Understand constituencies based on the attitudes they hold in common, not just their demographic similarities.

Embold Research is the nonpartisan unit of Change Research. Our methodology and polling have been featured in: