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Public opinion research for leaders

Assess performance

Savvy leaders know that public opinion and perception are a key part of performance metrics. Find out whether people are feeling the impact of your programs, investments, and communications.

Prioritize impactful actions

Find out what people really prioritize, where there’s appetite for change, and who might be the untapped constituency for a specific issue or program.

Uncover blind spots

Detect emerging concerns quickly and keep a pulse on changes in sentiment with frequent, affordable surveys.

Trust gets things done

Majorities of Americans lack trust in the institutions that shape their lives. That distrust leads to public disengagement and volatility that can stop leaders from solving problems. We offer national benchmarks, models, and custom research to help you understand trust in your community—and explain how to build on that trust to get big things done.

Who we work with

Public Sector

Engage a truly representative set of residents. Learn what people really prioritize, where there’s appetite for change, and who people trust.


Make smart investments in programs that people need. Understand your role, your people, and their problems.

Private Sector

Move resources with confidence. Understand how people think about your brand, the economy, and your role in their communities.

You’re in good company

Changing the Game

Our unique and highly accurate methodology, Dynamic Online Sampling, has disrupted the status quo in public opinion research.

We meet people where they are and deliver a representative sample of everyday people. We’ve unlocked an ability to reach many people who are hard to reach and who are traditionally underrepresented.

Embold Research is the nonpartisan unit of Change Research. Our methodology and polling have been featured in: