What’s the Nashville Omnibus?

The Nashville Omnibus is a poll of Nashville residents that runs at a set day and time.

Organizations can purchase “seats” on the Omnibus, and the cost of running it is divided among everyone. 

What does it cost? 

$800 per question


How does it work? 

You get back results for your questions, including breakdowns by: 

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Race/ethnicity
  • Education
  • Partisanship (not available for government buyers) 

If you’re interested in other demographic or geographic breakdowns, let us know. 

Everyone who buys a seat on the Omnibus only has access to their own results. We include several of our own questions, and you’ll get to see those results too.


Who can buy a seat on the omnibus? 

The Omnibus is available by invitation. To request an invitation, email nicole@changeresearch.com  


When does it run? 

We’re running the next one in June. 


What can I ask? 

Tell us what you’re trying to learn, and we’ll work with you to develop the right question. The Omnibus is designed for:

  • Ranking people’s priorities or problems 
  • Understanding who cares most about a specific issue 
  • Getting feedback on a potential project, offering, or initiative
  • Testing awareness / sentiment on a brand or issue 
  • Test reactions to a message or argument 
  • Open-ended questions 


What is the methodology? Is this scientifically valid?

Unlike a self-administered survey, the results you’ll get back from the Omnibus will be statistically valid, representative, and delivered by an expert. 


Other details

We poll a representative sample of adults. This is not a poll of voters. 

Your participation in the poll may be reported publicly after the fact. Neither your questions nor your results will be reported publicly.


Who are you? 

This is being administered by Embold Research, the nonpartisan, nonpolitical division of Change Research.

Embold Research is the nonpartisan, nonpolitical division of Change Research. Our methodology and polling have been featured in: